Our mission at Studio 55 is to spread the pure joy of functional training, by sharing our knowledge and experience. We like to prove that it is possible to improve quality of life, strength, speed, coordination, flexibility, range of motion, muscular endurance, posture, increase self-esteem and achieve all your goals while having Lots Of Fun.

Training One on One

Your trainer will tailor a program to fit your specific needs and goals.

Personalized Assessment

We assess every member individually to learn about their current health and fitness status. This helps our trainers determine professional writers are going to write my essay for me. yes, that? true! writemypaper-help.com is a place where students get professional writing help with ? the best program and plan of action for you.

Kids Classes

We offer kids circuit training with functional exercises. We focus on helping kids achieve their fitness goals, while reducing risk of injury. With a solid clonidine without prescription ?we always have the lowest … foundation, children grow up with a greater appreciation for their bodies and health.

Functional Training Classes

During the process, clients learn how to make their body more functional by exercising natural movements, such as push and pull, running, jumping, lifting, climbing, throwing, balancing, twisting, crawling, and more.

Single & Corporate Memberships

Our membership fees are so low we can always do something to make your workforce a healthier one. We do require a minimum of 10 people from any association to enter into the program.